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Arranging a residential building inspection defects report in Brisbane with the skilled experts at A1 Building and Pest Consultancy is one of the best steps you can take before purchasing a property. A thorough inspection from a trained eye can help to identify major defects or issues with a property in advance of you pursuing its purchase. Get the best building and pest inspection in Brisbane today.

Learn essential information and make an informed choice regarding your dream home with the help of A1 Building and Pest Consultancy.

A building inspection checking for structural defects is different from a pest inspection, however, they are services that are often paired together. When considering buying a home that is older and has already been lived in, it is highly recommended to have a detailed inspection done.

Known as a pre purchase building inspection, these inspections involve a thorough review of the structural aspects of a property and look for the presence of any pests such as termites. The inspection report that accompanies a pre-purchase inspection will outline any areas of concern that a potential owner should be aware of. This building and pest inspection for your Brisbane home may include leaks, water damage, and termite damage, information regarding current infestations, structural integrity and more.

By combining the benefits of pest inspection reports and a building report, you gain a clear, unbiased report regarding the condition of the property. Request for a Brisbane building and pest inspection review now.

What Are Timber Pest Inspections?

A timber pest inspection consists of a more thorough look at a property to identify in-depth, signs of pests or conditions which are more likely to lead to an infestation or timber damage. These include not just termites but fungal decay, wood rot, carpenter ants and borers. 

A standard building and pest inspection does not always include this additional detail in the pest and building inspection report. 

What Is A Handover Inspection?

A new build handover inspection differs greatly from a pre-purchase pest and building inspection. Handover inspections are focused on assessing the workmanship of a new build and whether contractual specifics have been met during the building project. An inspector undertaking a handover inspection will check for structural defective building work, that the property has been built following all relevant codes and that it meets required Australian standards.

Handover inspections do not check for damage from pests or damage in general as they are new properties that have not yet been occupied. They will note any damage that has occurred during the construction process or if things are not completed properly, allowing the owner to have these resolved in advance of making their final payment.

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Building and pest inspections that highlight defects are critical to protecting your interests as a buyer. Failure to organise a pest and building defects inspection in Brisbane could see you end up with a nightmare property that is riddled with issues.

Our technical expertise and unbiased reporting aim to empower buyers, enabling them to make the best decision based on their circumstances.

What If Problems Are Found?

Should our comprehensive report expose issues with a property, you can then decide whether to pursue buying it. With the knowledge contained in the report, you may be able to negotiate a lower price to accommodate any necessary repairs.

Defective building work, major or minor defects, pest infestations and more can all cost thousands upon thousands to rectify. This is why it is so essential to ensure you have the full picture of the condition of a property before buying it. 

During pest inspections and building inspections, your inspector is focused on reviewing key areas of the home for signs of damage or pests. Subfloor areas, roof voids, bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards, skirting and door frames will all be checked for signs of structural or pest related damage. This may include checking any fences shared with neighbouring and adjoining properties.

Our Building Inspectors will check:

  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Whether all doors and windows can be opened
  • That all built-in cabinets open and close properly
  • If there are any active water leaks
  • Safety hazards such as staircases, flooring (slip hazards) and balustrades
  • For signs of rising damp and mould
  • That floors, walls and ceilings are safe and level – any warps, bulges or sagging will be noted
  • Exterior walls, marking any cracking or subsidence
  • The safety and age of the circuitry and whether there is a safety switch installed
  • The roof frame, roofing, guttering, and drainpipes for damage or signs of leaks
  • Whether there are smoke alarms (visual inspection only)
  • Beneath the property ensuring there is adequate ventilation and drainage
Building Inspections For Defects In Brisbane Do Not Include
  • The hot water system age and whether there are signs of rust or leaks
  • Air conditioning units or compressors for functionality
  • Working smoke alarms
  • Swimming pools (pool safety inspections can be carried out upon request)
  • Gas fittings
  • Plumbing
  • The presence of drug residues
  • Toilets to ensure they are operational
  • The presence of asbestos
  • Appliances
  • Taps and under sink plumbing for leaks, rust, or damage
  • Checking of

During home inspections, the age of the home is taken into account and its final scoring will be made in consideration of this

During home inspections for building defects in Brisbane, the age of the home is taken into account and its final scoring will be made in consideration of this No guarantees about the structural stability of a property can be made during a pest and building defects inspection in Brisbane. A building inspector will simply assess and report their findings.

Our Pest Inspections Brisbane Involve Checking For
  • broken or damaged items and holes in timber
  • droppings, track marks and pest-related odours
  • rodent or possum activity
  • live insect activity such as flying termites or discarded wings
  • nests both inside and outside the property
  • the presence of dead pests such as cockroaches inside cupboards

To facilitate the most detailed report possible, our pest inspectors may also employ the use of a moisture meter, and/or a thermal sensor/imaging device or a Boroscope camera. Through our reporting and pest inspection recommendations, you can determine whether your Brisbane property is considered safe to inhabit or needs remedial works carried out.

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While it’s not mandatory, getting a building inspection defect report can be an essential step before you buy or sell your property.

By doing so, you can identify any concealed building stage defects in Brisbane that could impact the property’s safety, functionality, and worth. Additionally, you can determine if the property adheres to the current Australian Building Codes and Standards. For instance, if any defects are discovered during building inspections in Brisbane North or where you’re located, the builder in Brisbane North can be required to rectify them in accordance with the engineer’s recommendations during the warranty period. Obtaining a detailed report while conducting building and pest inspections for your Brisbane Northside property will also help you avoid expensive repairs and legal disputes in the future and may allow you to negotiate a better price for your property based on the report’s findings.

The physical building inspections of a North Brisbane property will vary depending on the size of the area to be inspected, however, as a general rule, you can expect us to be on-site for between one to two hours. We request that the interior and exterior of the home be as tidy and free of clutter as possible to make it easy for us to access inspection points. This will also help to speed up the inspection process. Following our inspections, we aim to have your report available within 48 hours, or sooner if the report is urgent. We are available for appointments both by phone and in person at a minimum of 15 minutes to further discuss our findings. Call Us Today - 0401 018 030

In Brisbane, the expenses associated with building and pest inspection defects can fluctuate based on various factors, including the nature and extent of the defect, as well as the condition of the property being inspected. Additionally, the building and pest inspection Brisbane cost may differ depending on the service provider and the client’s preferences. It is recommended to compare quotes and services from different inspectors before making a decision. These costs are not fixed and may vary depending on the specific needs and circumstances of each inspection.

Why Choose Us For Your Building Inspections Defects Report In Brisbane

For building inspection in Brisbane North, at A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, we are committed to providing a thorough inspection of your property, using our unmatched technical expertise and skill to deliver unbiased, reliable reporting. Our Brisbane building inspectors have significant experience in the building industry and have a background in structural and architectural engineering.

When you book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection with our team you are assured of fully licensed, insured and qualified inspectors that meet all Australian Standards. With excellent Building and pest inspection Brisbane reviews we can assure you of professional services at all times. For building inspection defects reports and pest inspections handled by the best in Brisbane, contact A1 Building and Pest Consultancy today on 0401 018 030

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Sean Butler
Sean Butler
Very professional and accomodating, I have used their services twice and both times has been a great experience. Very thorough and all the checks necessary with all the correct tools for the job. Will definitely use them again.
Absolutely top-notch service! The building and pest inspector provided thorough, detailed assessments, and offered invaluable insights. Professional, knowledgeable, and highly efficient. Easily the best in the business—I highly recommend their services
Sivaporn Pooyatorn
Sivaporn Pooyatorn
Life is easy when I found A1 Building & Pest inspection. I’m not actually living in Brisbane but purchased a property there. A1 especially James who always picked up my call, could answer me all questions regarding the inspection and he has provided a good advice for me also from his experience, it made me to make my decision easier. After I received the report I even called him back in some part that I didn’t understand and he has explained it so clear with awesome advice. Really worth for doing this inspection and cost effective also. Thank you A1 team, and James! I’m glad I chose your team for my pre-purchase building and pest inspection :)
Brendan Cornish
Brendan Cornish
James provided a detailed Building and Pest report for a property we were looking to purchase in 48 hours from when I first reached out to book. He picked up several items that had not been picked up by the Building/Pest report provided by the vendor. Highly recommended
kerri M
kerri M
James is a nice guy and he is very professional too. Highly recommended !!
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Bente Ferm
A1 Building & Pest Inspection went very smooth and very professional will recommend them anythime. Good Service
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin
James is a god send! Highly recommend their service. They came with high tech tools and is very detailed. James did an inspection on a new house for us. I'm so glad I did because James found a number of major and structural defects on a new house. He is friendly and took the time to explain each defect to us. Thank you very much James.
Mark Gardner
Mark Gardner
I recently had the pleasure of working with A1 Building & Pest Consultancy for a comprehensive building and pest inspection, and I am beyond impressed with their exceptional service. From start to finish, the team exhibited the utmost professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Scheduling the inspection was easy, and they arrived early. The inspectors' attention to detail was impressive; they left no area unchecked. The report was incredibly thorough, providing clear explanations and suggestions. Their knowledge and friendly attitude made the process smooth. I highly recommend A1 Building & Pest Consultancy for a reliable and top-notch inspection service. Kudos to the team for their exceptional work!
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Webb Lin
Fast, efficient and informative!

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