Building Inspections North Brisbane

Our Building Inspections in North Brisbane Provide Peace of Mind

Ensuring you have excellent building inspections in North Brisbane can be the difference between moving in with a smile and moving in with a headache. Let our qualified professionals help you understand the problems of the new property you plan on buying. Choose A1 Building and Pest Consultancy and have peace when you move.

Services We Can Provide When You Need Building Inspections in Brisbane North

Here are ways in which we can help you when you need high-quality pre-purchase building inspections in North Brisbane:

  • We have comprehensive pest inspection services. Utilising modern tools and software, we can find any traces of current or past timber pest damages. We look for termites, wood decay, fungi, borers, and areas of high moisture that might attract pests in the future.
  • If you need construction inspections, we can help with that too. Our new built package covers a Slab inspection (AS 2870), Timber Frame inspections (AS 1684.2), Enclosed/Lock-up inspection, and a Handover inspection (QBCC Standards & Tolerances 2019).
  • We also offer a full consultancy service to help you make informed decisions. Whether you want to buy, sell, develop, build, renovate, or need help with pest-related issues, our professionals can provide the right advice to help you take the next step.

With us, you get everything you need at a single location. You will not have to spend hours looking for the right teams, because you can spend one minute consulting our team.

Whether you need help with pests, construction inspections, or a consultancy service, you can always rely on us.

Benefits of Using Our Inspectors When You Need Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in North Brisbane

We believe our inspectors are the best hands and minds for the job when you need building inspections in North Brisbane, and here is why:

  • All our inspectors are civil engineers; assessed and qualified by Engineers of Australia. None of our staff come to you ill-prepared, ever.
  • All our inspectors come to you with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of residential and commercial building construction, inspection, and consultancy. With years of experience comes an intricate understanding of where to find possible errors hiding in plain sight.
  • Every inspector we have comes qualified by the QBCC as a builder and building inspector, and they are all qualified pest technicians with Queensland Health

Why Trust Us When You Need Reliable Building Inspections in Brisbane North

We have always believed that anyone we send to you for pre-purchase building inspections in North Brisbane should have all the necessary training and qualifications, which is why we regularly train our staff and to keep their qualifications up to date.

Every home is unique, and every building has unique inspection requirements. We at A1 Building and Pest Consultancy understand the intricacies behind working with different home layouts and will never let an unqualified inspector near your home. Contact us now and let our professional teams provide you with the peace of mind you want before moving into your new home.