Building and Pest Inspection near Wakerley

Pre-purchase building inspections can be a lifesaver for many home buyers and can help you save both time and money when buying a property. If you need a comprehensive combined new building or a pest inspection for your property, A1 Building and Pest Consultancy has been a household name in the industry and can perform inspections as and when needed.

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What Does a Building and Pest Inspection Involve?

A property inspection for both new and old buildings involves examining defects for two things:
  • Defects caused to the building structure
  • Defects caused by pests

Building defects are defects related to the conditional, structural, or design aspects of the property (either interior or exterior). These could include rising damps, faulty roofs, or structural cracks.

Stage inspections carried out by experienced building inspectors near Wakerley are a series of checks carried out for buildings under construction. Also called new construction inspection, they’re primarily conducted as a part of a quality control measure to ensure the builder has satisfactorily done the job to the highest standards. These inspections don’t therefore involve pest detection as a part of the process.

Timber pest inspection, on the other hand, specifically involves unravelling damage done by pests, attacking the timber frame structure or roof truss elements. It might uncover hidden damage such as previous termite attacks or structural damage or already degraded structural integrity of the building.

Property inspection is given to consultancies to make sure the construction work is as per the said requirements of the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia.

The inspector conducting the construction stage inspection then prepares a report with the builder’s defects and the findings to be rectified within 10-14 days.

Why Hire Professionals for Building and Pest Inspection?

Conducting a thorough new building or pest building inspection with the help of professionals let you detect any issues before you buy the property and thus save plenty of money. Professional inspectors are certified and highly-skilled at the job and help you conduct in-depth inspections thoroughly of your property. Where looking for defects in your property can take you a while, a professional will perform the same task with ease and precision.

It’s also essential to understand building and pest inspections don’t cover the estimate of any repair recommendation costs. A building inspector near Wakerley also doesn’t look for things like electrical wiring, plumbing, or paint.

With a detailed report in hand given by your pest and building inspector near Wakerley, you can use the information to quote a better rate and gain a leverage during negotiation.

How A1 Building and Pest Consultancy Can Help

As your specialists in building and pest inspections near Wakerley, A1 Building and Pest Consultancy provides in-depth inspections for both building defects and pest infestations at market competitive rates. What might cost you a lot more for separate building stage inspections, our combined services will cost far less than what you may pay elsewhere.

What’s more, all the inspections will be carried out by our certified and highly-trained new building inspectors based near Wakerley who are qualified in the building and pest control trade.

If you’re in need of a comprehensive building and pest inspection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at A1 Building and Pest Consultancy for help. Give us a ring to get your quick quote.