Gold Coast Building And Pest Inspectors

Whether you are already a property owner or hoping to enter the market, professional Gold Coast building and pest inspectors can help protect your investment. Our expert services can be booked for the purpose of a pre-purchase building and pest report or due to allay any concerns you may have as an existing owner.

At A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, we offer a team of highly experienced Gold Coast building and pest inspectors who are qualified as either architectural engineers or civil engineers. Through thorough inspection and a very detailed report, we support homeowners and potential homeowners to make informed decisions about the condition of a property.

For building and pest reports that deliver you the critical details you need and are based on unbiased opinion and technical expertise, call A1 Building and Pest Consultancy. Our Gold Coast building inspectors will take it from there!

There are a number of reasons and associated benefits to having a building report or pest inspection reports carried out on a property. Some property owners will have reporting done in advance of selling their home to help identify any issues they may require resolution. This can help them avoid a financial loss at the time of sale as well as speed up the sales process. For purchasers, pre-purchase building and pest inspections aim to identify any areas of concern that may impact your decision to buy that property. If significant structural issues, damage, or evidence of pests such as termites are discovered, the inspection can save you from making these distressing discoveries when it is too late to walk away. A pest and building inspection can support you to:

  • Know in advance what potential issues a property may have
  • Negotiate a better price for a property by taking into account required repair costs
  • Seek out specialised advice on how issues may impact the property in the future or what the risks are.

Building inspectors are specially licensed and trained industry professionals that work to determine the structural soundness of buildings or construction. They will also assess the overall safety of the building from a structural perspective and determine if there are any issues or defects that need to be addressed.

Compliance with relevant building codes and any contractual specifics will also be reviewed as needed. It is important to note that a building inspector cannot make guarantees about the structural soundness of a building. Their role is to simply determine the presence of any defects in accordance with the building code and report these facts accordingly.

Our Gold Coast building inspectors will undertake a detailed visual inspection of key areas around the property with a goal to identify any major defects. This includes the interior and exterior of the building, the roof space, under-floor space and roof exterior During the inspection they will check:
  • The ease with which all doors and windows open.
  • That all built-in cabinets open and close properly.
  • For the presence of smoke alarms (visual inspection only)
  • For any active water leaks.
  • For signs of rising damp and mould, including areas where this may have been painted over in efforts to disguise it.
  • That floors, walls and ceilings are both safe and level. Any warps, bulges or sagging will be noted.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Foundations.
  • Exterior walls, marking any cracking or subsidence.
  • Review the safety and age of the circuitry and whether there is a safety switch.
  • Major safety hazards such as staircases, flooring (slip hazards), balustrades and more.
  • The roof frame, roofing, guttering and drainpipes for damage or evidence of leaks.
  • The underfloor or beneath the property for proper ventilation and drainage.
Things We Do Not Inspect
Building inspectors do not generally check:
  • Swimming pools.
  • Air conditioning units or compressors for functionality.
  • Whether there are functioning smoke alarms.
  • Taps and under sink plumbing for leaks, rust or damage.
  • Gas fittings.
  • Flush toilets and ensure they are operational and without fault.
  • The hot water system age and any whether there are signs of rust or leaks.
  • For the presence of asbestos.
  • Appliances.
A building inspection report or Gold Coast building inspector may briefly mention other things they have noticed, but are not required to go into detail for non-structural defects. This is why it is highly recommended to do a detailed walkthrough and check as a potential buyer in addition to a professional report. Should you have specific concerns, please discuss these with our team at the time of booking as we do offer add-on services such as pool safety inspections where required. Simply call our building and pest inspector in Gold Coast for help. Book a Building Inspection Today - 0401 018 030
A pest inspector will review all the same key areas of a property as a building inspector but will be looking for entirely different things to report on. They will closely inspect any timber floors, walls, window and door frames, doors, cabinets, crawl spaces, roof frames, eaves, and foundations.
Pest inspectors are trained to notice often almost invisible clues that indicate there is a pest problem at the property, including well-hidden termite infestations.
To enable an in-depth inspection, inspectors may also utilise Termatrac motion detectors – this can find live termites inside the walls, floors and celing. Moisture meters, and/or a thermal imaging device in addition to a visual inspection also aid in forming a clear picture of termite activity. In the event that further investigation is required speciality Boroscope cameras can be employed to reach the area of concern and provide a clear picture of the situation.

What Are Pest Inspectors Looking For?

During a pest inspection for pre-purchase purposes, a pest inspector will note whether there are any existing pest infestations. This is not limited to termites but may also include details of ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs and more. Unlike a standard pest inspection that a property owner may book annually, a pre-purchase pest inspection also checks for existing damage due to pests. The reporting also outlines any structural concerns that could contribute to a future infestation such as drainage or ventilation issues. Termite attacks are more likely in these circumstances as termites thrive in damp, humid environments. To identify pest infestations, either active or in the past, our highly skilled experts will look for:
  • Rodent or possum activity
  • The presence of dead pests such as cockroaches inside cupboards
  • Droppings and track marks
  • Any pest-related odours
  • Broken or damaged items and holes in timber
  • Nests both inside and outside the property
  • Live insect activity such as flying termites or discarded wings

  • Our pest inspection services offered by our Gold Coast building inspector are incredibly detailed and designed to pick up signs others may miss, ensuring your Gold Coast property purchase is made with full disclosure of any risks.

    Are Pest Inspections And Termite Inspections The Same Thing?

    No, a timber pest inspection is broader and designed to assess the presence of multiple pests. A termite inspection is specifically related to termites. Timber pest inspections are the most beneficial for pre-purchase as they provide information regarding any possible infestation rather than just termites. Australian Standard AS 4349.3 outlines the standard of practice for a timber pest inspection.
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To ensure that a building and pest inspection can be carried out effectively and efficiently the property should be tidy, with no doors or cabinets obstructed. The length of the inspection process will be greatly influenced by how accessible the property and all required areas of inspection are. The exterior of the property should also be tidy with lawns mowed and trees and bushes trimmed. This allows easy inspection of exterior walls and fast identification of any areas of concern.

What To Expect During The Inspection

Our Gold Coast building and pest inspections are carried out by licensed building inspectors and pest inspectors. Our experts aim to work as quickly as they can to minimise disruption and are committed to polite, respectful engagement with property owners. The inspection will begin with a walkthrough of the property inside and out, any areas of concern will be noted. Following this we will;
  • Start with assessing any structural defects and noting them in detail.
  • This is followed by a wet Areas assessment which will include thorough checking of all bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry for any signs of leaks.
  • Next comes the search for any concealed termite damage or active termites within roof voids, under floors, inside cupboards and other known areas that pests frequent.
  • Second to last, we check for any roof leaks including flashing and penetration points failure. At A1 Building and Pest we utilise a drone to allow for optimal viewing and inspection.
  • Finally we review the condition of any retaining walls on site.

We request that someone remain on-site during our inspections, this is both for safety and also in case we require access to a locked area of the property. Most inspections will be completed within one to two hours with the time required changing depending on the size of the property to be inspected.

After The Inspection

Following the inspection from our experienced building and pest inspectors in Gold Coast, we aim to have a comprehensive report for you within 48 hours or earlier if needed for a time-sensitive decision. Our reporting is clear, fair and unbiased and endeavours to deliver essential information to property owners or prospective owners. We welcome additional questions if further clarification of our findings is required – we understand that digesting reports can be overwhelming and want to make sure our clients understand their content in full. To enable this we offer appointments by phone or in person of a minimum of 15 minutes to discuss all findings and the property rating. Should you need direction or guidance about the next steps or referral to additional specialists for remedial works we have a trusted network of experts we can connect you with.
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A property can be seen to have ‘failed’ its inspection if major structural defects are detected. Pest and building reports are intended to alert you to any termite damage, infestations or visible structural concerns that help you negotiate a price. However, they may also deter you from buying the property altogether and save you from significant issues at a later date. Reasons a property may fail include:
  • An excessive amount of structural movement that cannot be easily or effectively repaired without great expense. This is evidenced by large cracks in the foundation or masonry.
  • Significant water damage that penetrates the foundations and masonry leads to a high risk of termites or structural issues in the near future.
  • Deterioration of the structure of a property through timber decay. If weight-bearing joists, flooring, wall timbers, support pylons or similar are too damaged the house may be marked as hazardous and unlivable.
  • Advanced pest infestation that even with pest control will leave concerning structural damage. These advanced infestations are most often a result of termite attacks.
  • Roof issues such as a sagging roofline, cracked tiles, rusted sheet metal or rotten supports. A compromised roof usually leads to the discovery of other major issues as without a solid roof the entire structure is exposed to the elements.

When determining the condition assessment, we highlight all of the defects and together with its age in mind will rate the property. Age plays a large role in the final rating of a property, this is due to the fact that a leak found in a bathroom of a 30 year old property is not necessarily a great shock. Comparitively, a leak found in a young property is not something we should expect to see, lowering its rating accordingly. Should a property receive a low rating this will be because it does not meet our terms of suitability for inhabitants. Part of our role as professionals is to safeguard occupants or potential occupants from danger. For example a house with black mould infestations can detrimental to occupants especially people with chronic repository issues.
The cost of a Gold Coast building and pest inspection will depend on the size of the property to be inspected. At A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, we aim to make our pest and building inspections as affordable as possible without any compromise on the quality of the inspection carried out by our Gold Coast building inspector. We feel that our pricing is commensurate with our skill level, years of expertise and quality of reporting.

Our indicative pricing is as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment up to 80sqm – From $350
  • 2 bedroom apartment up to 120sqm – From $420
  • 3 bedroom house/apartment From $440
  • 4 bedroom house/apartment From $460
  • 5 bedroom house/apartment From $500

To learn how much our building and pest inspections Gold Coast cost, please contact our team for a fully tailored and obligation free quote.

Why Work With Us?

A1 Building and Pest Consultancy offer Gold Coast building and pest inspectors with unmatched expertise. Unlike our competitors, our inspectors have an engineering background – a first for Queensland and the Gold Coast region. This gives us incredible insights and the ability to advise with great accuracy regarding any structural issues.

We are a fully licensed and insured company and a proud member of the Master Builders Association and the Institute of Building Consultants. We adhere to all Australian standards and do not outsource the writing of our reports to a third party, meaning our clients can have complete faith in the accuracy and intention behind the reporting.

The Team You Can Trust

We are genuine, friendly and work with utmost integrity, our goal is simply to deliver the necessary details that allow homeowners or purchasers to make informed decisions. We make no personal judgements about the condition of the property and are committed to polite respectful interactions at all times.

Building pest inspections are a vital and intelligent step to take when considering the purchase of a property.

Engage our Gold Coast building and pest inspectors and ensure you have the full picture before taking the plunge into your next property purchase. Want fully insured pest and building inspectors that deliver exceptional pre-purchase inspection reporting, and great customer service at a reasonable price? A1 Building and Pest Consultancy deliver all this and more as premier Gold Coast building inspectors, call today on 0401 018 030.

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Sean Butler
Sean Butler
Very professional and accomodating, I have used their services twice and both times has been a great experience. Very thorough and all the checks necessary with all the correct tools for the job. Will definitely use them again.
Absolutely top-notch service! The building and pest inspector provided thorough, detailed assessments, and offered invaluable insights. Professional, knowledgeable, and highly efficient. Easily the best in the business—I highly recommend their services
Sivaporn Pooyatorn
Sivaporn Pooyatorn
Life is easy when I found A1 Building & Pest inspection. I’m not actually living in Brisbane but purchased a property there. A1 especially James who always picked up my call, could answer me all questions regarding the inspection and he has provided a good advice for me also from his experience, it made me to make my decision easier. After I received the report I even called him back in some part that I didn’t understand and he has explained it so clear with awesome advice. Really worth for doing this inspection and cost effective also. Thank you A1 team, and James! I’m glad I chose your team for my pre-purchase building and pest inspection :)
Brendan Cornish
Brendan Cornish
James provided a detailed Building and Pest report for a property we were looking to purchase in 48 hours from when I first reached out to book. He picked up several items that had not been picked up by the Building/Pest report provided by the vendor. Highly recommended
kerri M
kerri M
James is a nice guy and he is very professional too. Highly recommended !!
Bente Ferm
Bente Ferm
A1 Building & Pest Inspection went very smooth and very professional will recommend them anythime. Good Service
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin
James is a god send! Highly recommend their service. They came with high tech tools and is very detailed. James did an inspection on a new house for us. I'm so glad I did because James found a number of major and structural defects on a new house. He is friendly and took the time to explain each defect to us. Thank you very much James.
Mark Gardner
Mark Gardner
I recently had the pleasure of working with A1 Building & Pest Consultancy for a comprehensive building and pest inspection, and I am beyond impressed with their exceptional service. From start to finish, the team exhibited the utmost professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Scheduling the inspection was easy, and they arrived early. The inspectors' attention to detail was impressive; they left no area unchecked. The report was incredibly thorough, providing clear explanations and suggestions. Their knowledge and friendly attitude made the process smooth. I highly recommend A1 Building & Pest Consultancy for a reliable and top-notch inspection service. Kudos to the team for their exceptional work!
Webb Lin
Webb Lin
Fast, efficient and informative!

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