Handover Inspection Brisbane

If you’re approaching the completion of your new house or business premises, you’ll need to organise a handover inspection. A pre-handover inspection or Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) is the best step you can take as a property owner towards protecting your interests.

Ensure your property is completed as agreed and to the highest standards with a quality handover inspection in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast from A1 Building and Pest Consultancy.

What Exactly Is A Handover Inspection Or Practical Completion Inspection?

A handover inspection or PCI is a thorough inspection of your property carried out once it is completed, but before you take final ownership. The detailed report generated by handover inspection reports is designed to alert property owners to any concerns due to poor workmanship or contractual breaches before final payment is made.

These building inspections focus on the completeness of the build, the quality of the work, whether there are any building defects. They will also check that all finishes, inclusions, colours etc are as agreed on in the original builder contract.

By arranging a handover inspection report, an owner can address these issues in advance of taking ownership. This ensures they are dealt with promptly and without the conflict that can occur if raised at a later date after handover has occurred. It also gives owners peace of mind that their property meets all required Australian standards for safety and complies with the Queensland building codes.

Are Handover Inspections Compulsory?

Yes, in most instances this is a requirement of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. 2-3 weeks ahead of the completion your chosen Brisbane building company should alert you that the premises nearing completion. This gives you time to organise last-minute aspects such as home inspections for your new property.

You will be required to have a practical completion certificate as part of your final documentation, this may even be a specification in your building contract. Ultimately a handover inspection in Brisbane or PCI protects both you and the builder, ensuring you are both happy with the new home and that any issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively at the outset.


At a time when it is easy to have your judgment clouded by the excitement of your new home nearing completion, having the professional services of an experienced inspector is vital. With our trained eye assessing every detail, we make sure you don’t miss important details that could cost you financially and cause distress in the future.

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Do Pest Inspections Form Part Of A Handover Inspection In Brisbane?

No, a pre-purchase building and pest inspection is a separate service we offer to Brisbane properties and is most often reserved for existing properties. These handover inspections, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast-based, cover different things such as damage due to age, termites, water leaks or similar. They do not review contractual specifics. At A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, we also provide pre-purchase building and pest inspections Brisbane as part of our professional service should they be required.


Who Is Permitted To Complete A Handover Building Inspection in Brisbane?

To inspect a property and generate a legal and accurate PCI an inspector must be fully licensed as a building inspector. Building inspectors differ from builders in that they are specially trained to identify and report on issues related to new builds. At A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, not only are all our inspectors highly skilled building consultants, they have additional expertise thanks to their background in engineering.

This comprehensive knowledge of the building industry paired with our skill as inspectors allows us to deliver exceptionally detailed but easy to read handover inspection reports in Brisbane for our clients.

Work With The Best

For handover inspections that provide a thorough report on the status of your new build, A1 Building and Pest Consultancy should be your first call. We have inspected hundreds of properties across the Brisbane area and helped homeowners make an informed decision regarding their final handover.

Whether you are planning ahead or require our handover inspection service at short notice, we are the team you can trust to deliver detailed and unbiased inspection reports. Our professional handover inspections, friendly service and unmatched expertise make us the premier provider of building inspections in Brisbane.

Contact our team today on 0401 018 030 to learn more about how our handover inspections in Brisbane can check your new home complies with its construction contract and put your mind at ease.


Our indicative pricing is as follows:

1 bedroom apartment
up to 80sqm –

From $350

2 bedroom apartment
up to 120sqm –

From $420

3 bedroom house/apartment

From $440

4 bedroom house/apartment

From $460

5 bedroom house/apartment

From $500