Pre-purchase Building And Pest Inspections Brisbane

Organising a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Brisbane is one of the best steps you can take as a buyer towards protecting your interests.

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections allow for an in-depth review of a property prior to the exchange of any contracts or money. The comprehensive reports these inspections create helps to empower buyers and ensure they are across all aspects of a property.

With so many competing companies offering pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Brisbane, it can be difficult to know who to choose. If exceptionally qualified inspectors and accurate reporting is a priority, then A1 Building and Pest Consultancy should be your first call.

What Is A Pre-purchase Building And Pest Inspection?

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Brisbane through A1 Building and Pest Consultancy is done with the intention to identify and report on concerns related to pest damage or structural issues.   Most often arranged by potential buyers, pre-purchase building and pest inspections aim to deliver a more complete review of a property that goes beyond simple aesthetics.

Arranging a pre-purchase inspection means knowing if there are any significant problems with a property before purchasing. The results of a report may deter a buyer or simply provide peace of mind that their dream home is not going to become a nightmare down the track.

Our comprehensive reports, whether for a pest inspection, building inspection and/or timber pest inspection are factual and unbiased. There are no personal judgements or vague suggestions, just a skilled assessment by a thoroughly trained inspector.

Our inspectors will never make guarantees about any aspect of a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

However, we do work to give you as much detail and as clear an explanation as possible regarding our findings.

After viewing the property inside and out, paying special attention to hidden areas such as within roof voids, underfloor spaces and inside cupboards, your inspector will rate the property. This rating is determined based on the age and condition of the premises.

Who Can Carry Out Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspections In Brisbane?

To perform a pre-purchase pest and building inspection in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and across wider Queensland, you must be properly qualified.

Any inspection service or inspection reports need to be handled by a licensed builder or trained building inspector with additional qualifications in pest management.

The skill sets and training of inspectors can greatly vary, at A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, we offer a first for Queensland. Our pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Brisbane are carried out by a team that has a background in either structural or civil engineering.

This depth of knowledge regarding structural issues in addition to our expertise in pest management enables us to deliver unmatched pre-purchase inspections to our clients.

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Why Arrange A Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspection In Brisbane?

Having a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Brisbane isn’t just a recommended practice, it’s the intelligent choice. A comprehensive report can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with a home that has structural issues or damage from a termite attack.

Termite damage or major defects such as structural issues that are discovered during an inspection may deter a buyer from pursuing a property purchase entirely. Should the report detail issues that may be resolved through remedial works, a pre-purchase building and pest inspection may also provide you with leverage to lower the sale price accordingly.

By alerting you to any possible problems from active termites, pests or dangerous structural problems our building and pest inspectors save you time, money and stress.

Our Brisbane building and pest inspections deliver potential buyers in-depth insights into a property. Giving our clients peace of mind and ensuring there are no unwelcome surprises is just part of what we do.

What To Expect During A Pest And Building Inspection

Your pre-purchase pest and building inspection from our Brisbane experts will involve a detailed assessment of the properties interior and exterior. Hidden or less visible areas such as beneath the floors, inside roof voids, backs of cupboards and more will all be inspected in detail. Wet areas such as bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry will also be given special attention as pests such as termites thrive in moist conditions.

Your building report will note any cracks in masonry, problems with doors and windows not closing properly, unsafe or outdated electrical work, insufficient drainage or ventilation, roof damage and much more.

A pest inspector will also carry out a detailed inspection of the same areas but will be searching these for signs of pests. These signs may include:

  • Rodent or possum activity through chewed timbers or droppings
  • Visible dead pests such as cockroaches
  • Droppings, track marks and pest-related odours
  • Decayed or damaged areas and holes in timber
  • Insect nests inside and outside the property
  • Any live insect activity including flying termites or discarded wings

How Long Does An Inspection Take?

Most inspections will take around one to two hours to be carried out, though this timeline may vary if the property is particularly large or more complex to inspect.

Homes with access challenges or properties that are cluttered with items will also take longer to inspect.  To make sure a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Brisbane can be handled as efficiently as possible we request that doorways, cupboards and access points be made easily accessible.

This may mean trimming gardens away from the sides of the property and clearing away anything that obstructs access.  Not only does this expedite the process but ensure that we can properly inspect a property and prepare the most accurate report possible.

When Will I Receive The Report?

Following any of our services such as pest inspections, building inspections or similar we will have your reporting available within 48 hours. When required due to time constraints, we can also negotiate a more rapid turnaround.

Our Brisbane inspectors are dedicated to delivering an inspection service that is second to none. To this end, we prepare and write all of our own reports rather than outsource to a third party

This ensures that the accuracy and intention behind our reporting remain intact and that our clients can completely rely on what they contain.

All consults are included in your service price and are booked at a minimum of 15 minutes to enable adequate discussion.

Your pre-purchase building and pest inspector is also available to discuss the report either in person or via phone as needed.

Can A Property Fail An Inspection?

Properties do not pass or fail an inspection as such. While there may be times when a property is considered uninhabitable this is not necessarily a ‘fail’.

There are numerous factors that are weighed against one another when a property is rated and all of these will be judged in consideration of the age of the property.

Need Further Advice?

If our reporting makes known some complex issues and you still wish to pursue a purchase, we may recommend speaking with other experts who can assist with your planning.

As experienced building consultants and pest management specialists we have access to a trusted network of professionals who can support you with your next steps.

Building & Pest Inspections Brisbane

A property could be considered to have failed if:

  • There is major structural damage such as cracks in the foundation or masonry. Damage that cannot be safely or effectively repaired will influence the final rating.
  • There is penetrating water damage that has gone deep into the foundations or masonry leading to structural or pest-related vulnerabilities
  • The structure has deteriorated through timber decay. Decayed joists, timber flooring, timber frames and support pylons are hazardous and make a property unsafe for habitation.
  • There is significant infestation from timber pests such as termites which cannot be treated and have left the home unsafe.
  • The roofline sags or has numerous cracked tiles, rusted sheet metal, or rotten supports. Water leaks from a compromised roof are often indicative of further problems such as mould or structural problems – both of which are major safety hazards.

How Much Does A Building And Pest Inspection In Brisbane Cost?

At A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, we have priced our pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Brisbane in consideration of our experience and skill level. We aim to be affordable, accessible and with zero compromises on the quality of our reporting.

We tailor our prices according to property size in order to offer the best value, however, our indicative pricing is as follows:

1 bedroom apartment
up to 80sqm –

From $350

2 bedroom apartment
up to 120sqm –

From $420

3 bedroom house/apartment

From $440

4 bedroom house/apartment

From $460

5 bedroom house/apartment

From $500

To receive your obligation free quote for a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Brisbane, please speak with our friendly team who will be happy to assist.

Why Choose A1 Building And Pest Consultancy?

Termite activity or major structural issues can quickly turn your dream home into a nightmare. With a building and pest inspection report carried out by A1 Building and Pest Consultancy, you can buy with confidence.

We have years of experience delivering pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and are committed to honest, factual and unbiased reporting.

As fully licensed, qualified and insured Brisbane building and pest providers, we offer unmatched service and professional expertise to put your mind at ease. Investing in a building and pest report with our trusted team is the best decision you can make before purchasing a property.

For comprehensive pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Brisbane contact A1 Building and Pest Consultancy today on