Building and Pest Inspection Sample Defects

Sample Defects

Building and Pest Inspection

All Building and Pest Inspections including a bonus Thermal Imaging Assessment. This allows us to detect problems such as termites or other pests, water leakage, moisture and insulation issues to name just a few of its benefits. We will also inspect your intended Brisbane property purchase for problems like poor workmanship, construction not built to code, wood rot or corrosion, structural issues, moisture issues and potential future maintenance issues.

Looking to purchase a property in Brisbane? Don’t make up your mind without consulting the local building and pest inspection experts. Our inspection services will provide you with a detailed report on the condition of all aspects of your property, helping you to make the right decision prior to purchasing any property.

When you choose US to assess your property prior to purchase, our team will conduct a detailed inspection of the roof space, exterior, interior, and sub floor of the building, as well as the exterior of the roof and the yard area up to 30 metres away from the house.

All of our Building and Pest inspections in Brisbane include a bonus thermal imaging property assessment to help provide you with peace of mind in all aspects of the assessment process. With some of the most affordable inspection prices in Brisbane, you can depend on A1 Building & Pest Consultancy for cost-effective property inspections throughout the wider Brisbane area – just get in touch to schedule a visit from our team today.

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2- Timber Pest Defects

3- Safety Hazards

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