A1 Building Inspections

A1 Building & Pest Consultancy provides comprehensive Pre- Purchase / Pre- Sale building and Pest inspections complied with current codes and Standards.

Final report consists of every aspect of a building from foundation to roof covering.

All reports are computer generated and are issued within next 24hr of the inspection. We highly advise you to be on site, so we can elaborate each and every issues and defects which definitely ease your final decision about purchase. We avoid using super technical terms and simplicity it’s our top priority, so you can digest every issue and never leave site till get your 100% Satisfaction.

A1 Building & Pest Consultancy is specialized in finding any timber pest trace in your property. We utilize modern tools and software to find any current or past timber pest damages. The Pest Inspection of your property will look for the following:
  • The presence of Termites or other pests on the property
  • The presence of Wood decay (Rot) fungi on the property
  • The presence of Borers on the property
  • Areas with a high level of moisture that may attract pest infestation in the future ( Conducive Conditions)
  • Any issues that may finally lead to the future pest infestation.

We understand how stressful it would be to build your own house from scratch. Also we know how important is to fully understand contractual details including the current building construction compliance ( Council and QBCC )and why both Builder & Client should understand basics to avoid any dispute and conflict.

It’s were we shine, as we can cross reference your property to the current Standards and quality along with best practice and industry expectations can be assessed before, during and after the construction process.

Expert advice is available along with valuable recommendations to our clients, will consolidate the practical outcomes that benefit both Builder & Client.

Our new built package covers all essentials stages of construction:

1- Slab Inspection (AS 2870)

2- Timber Frame inspection ( AS 1684.2)

3- Enclosed / Lock-up Inspection

4- Handover inspection ( QBCC Standards & Tolerances 2019)

We provide final quality reports on new homes and units including a combined internal and external quality assurance inspection report. During our inspection at handover we use easily identifiable, safe removable tape to assist trades and the builder to quickly locate and identify areas that require attention. Any other defects are also noted in our report for action. Our reports are produced and emailed from site at the completion of inspections so that no time is lost in getting builders and trades onto rectification works. Our reports are not simple checklists or “Tick and Flick.” They are tailored reports, specific to each and every inspection.

We are even engaged by builders to provide final inspection reports. This is because our reports are completely professional and above all, unbiased. Whether you are the purchaser of a property, a builder, a developer a property manager, a sales agent or a marketer, if you engage us, we will use the same methodology and rigour to ensure that all defects and issues are identified clearly.

Our consultancy services are tailor designed to assist people depending on the circumstances. Whether buying, selling, developing, building, renovating or experiencing building or pest related difficulties / dispute.

A1 Building & Pest Consultancy provide impartial , evidence based court ready paperworks and factual reporting / advice that all parties can rely. This conclusive expert witness report , assists all parties to elude un-necessary & Expensive legal proceedings. Professional counseling and recommendations offering resolution for both defective building work and contractual variations can be provided to assist in settling a dispute.

If however you decided to take a legal action, A1 Building & Pest Consultancy has experience in court and QCAT proceedings to represent you in court as an expert capacity. Evidence provided has been accepted and previous precedence has been established as a court recognized expert under cross examination and during conclave / mediation consultations.

If you want the benefit of professionalism, experience and knowledge on your side, our Professional services are available to support.