A1 Building & Pest Consultancy equipped with the latest Thermal imaging ,  Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus moisture meter & Tapping Rod (Donger).

Thermal Imaging Camera

We utilize the thermal imaging technology (FLIR C3) to measure heat anomaly inside and around your property. Our thermal imaging assessments will assist in the location of:

  • Roof leak analysis
  • Electrical issues
  • Moisture ingress and damp issues
  • Insulation issues and requirements
  • Pipework leaks
  • Water ingression into a property
  • Heat signatures that indicate Termites and other unwanted pests.

Advance Moisture Meter

Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus moisture meter is a non-destructive overall building inspection tool which has applications for numerous defect detection and material deterioration analysis. Moisture meter will help us to identify:

  • Detect areas with excessive moisture readings, Leak at Bathroom, Toilet and Subfloor
  • Moisture anomaly might related to termite presence and assist in locating nest and mud tunnels
  • Energy efficiency assessment, specifically at the external openings
  • Slab & Brick work dampness might cause health issues and ongoing deterioration problems to the building elements

Timber Tapping Device

Termite and building inspections include the checking of timbers using a timber inspection tool that produces a change in tone when damage or anomalies are present. This tool is typically known as a Donger but is also referred to as a timber Sounder, Tapper, Knocker or Probe. The Multi Facet Donger been used for:

  • Checking soundness of timber / Detect termite damaged timber ( In service timbers, Door & Window jambs, Architraves, mouldings & Roof truss timbers)
  • Finding wood decay (Rot) damaged Timber in service and fencings
  • Locating Drummy / Loose tiles