New Home Inspections

Why new home building inspections are crucial!

When building a new home, building inspections at every stage of the process can verify that your house is constructed to a high standard, meets compliance codes and won’t result in major structural defects. Our skilled, qualified inspectors will ensure proper building techniques, artistry and quality construction during the entire process to give you peace of mind once your home is complete. We provide excellent customer service and a comprehensive report.

Importance of Home Inspections

Our professional home inspectors conduct impartial and extensive assessments on homes. This beneficial inspection can protect you against:

  • Speedy builds and poor-quality control: With a high demand for new homes, this pressure can cause builders to construct houses quickly, which can impact quality control. When you overlook the finer details of a new build, you can end up with significant defects and costly repairs. Our inspector will ensure that your new home meets the codes and they will address minor issues before your builders move on to the next stage.
  • Code of compliance delays: Knowing that your home is compliant at every stage of the build can mean that your home built will be without delays. You can have the assurance that your home is built to a high standard with our professional construction inspections before your code of compliance is issued.
  • Major defects: Our skilled professionals pay close attention to detail and provide a comprehensive inspection and will pick up on any building issues and have them rectified before they become a major defect. Noticing defects early in your build means that your builder is obligated to fix the issues without cost to you.

What You Can Expect from A1 Building & Pest Consultancy Regarding a Home Report

We provide excellent customer service, which includes:

  • Professional inspectors: Our highly trained and skilled inspectors are qualified engineers with extensive industry experience and they hold a QBCC builders licence. We commit to ongoing education to ensure we remain up to date with new codes and compliance requirements.
  • A comprehensive report: We provide a comprehensive report for every stage of a new build or pre-purchase inspection. Our inspectors offer an honest and independent home assessment so you can be confident you have the information you need before progressing with a build or purchasing a new home.
  • Consultancy services: Whether you have just started to build a new home or just finished, we offer a consultancy service that can help with any disputes you may have with your construction company. Our highly-trained inspectors can provide a comprehensive home report about your build and assist you in determining the most suitable follow-up action.

Why Trust A1 Building & Pest Consultancy Regarding Home Testing?


Our family-owned and operated business provide exceptional customer service and comprehensive home inspections. Our highly skilled and qualified inspectors have more than 15 years of experience in the residential and commercial building construction, inspection and consultancy field. We use the latest technology to complete our inspections and offer an impartial and honest assessments. Contact our friendly and reliable team for your next home inspection.