Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Premium Pre Purchase Building Inspections

For most of us, buying a house is the single most significant investment we are likely to make in our lifetimes. It is concerning then that so few of us opt for professional pre purchase building inspections before we make that leap.

At A1 Building & Pest Consultancy, we help our customers make informed decisions before they make purchases that they are likely to regret, by inspecting their prospective properties and identifying problems even if those problems are not readily apparent – yet.

Every year in Australia thousands of property buyers are duped into buying properties that are riddled with hidden problems. These issues could cost thousands to repair and would have prevented the purchase had the new owner been aware of them.

The Importance of Pre Purchase House Inspections

Imagine taking possession of your brand new house and after a year of bliss finding out that rising damp, wood rot, or termites have rendered the building structurally or otherwise unsound. Opting for a pre purchase property inspection before you committed would have saved you a whole lot of heartache and heaps of money.

  • Know precisely what you’re getting into when purchasing a property. Our pre purchase home inspections will let you know in advance if there is anything you need to worry about before signing any contracts. At the very least, you’ll be aware of the problem and be able to plan and budget for it.
  • Put yourself in the best possible position to negotiate with the seller. You can either get the house at a bargain or get enough discount to pay for whatever repairs are required to fix the house. Knowledge is power, and never more so than when you are about to make such a substantial investment.
  • Ensure that your house lives up to all relevant building codes and standards. We conduct our inspections through builder’s eyes and can identify issues that are not readily apparent, including building code violations and sub-par workmanship.
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Building and Pest Inspection

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections

Some problems do not become apparent until they are already significantly advanced and pose a serious risk to the soundness of your house. Our qualified and highly experienced inspectors know just what to look for and where to look to find hidden problems in your home. Armed with the latest in technology, they will identify any issues and advise you in advance, before you take possession of the home.

  • We offer transparent and honest customer service of the highest standard. From initial contact to the delivery of your professional inspection report, we will keep you informed and up to date throughout the process.
  • Our inspectors will invite you along when they inspect your house so that they can share the process with you step by step, discuss problems found and advise on possible remedies to those problems.
  • Our professional inspection reports are easy to read and compiled using plain language devoid of industry jargon.

About A1 Building & Pest Consultancy

We issue our reports 24 hours after the completion of the inspection and comply fully with all relevant regulations and standards. You can utilise it at all housing tribunal or court proceedings. We aim to be the top professional house and building inspections service provider in Brisbane. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.