Pre-purchase Inspection Gold Coast

Pre-purchase Inspection on the Gold Coast Delivers Trust in Your Home

Don’t delay to book your pre-purchase inspection on the Gold Coast with A1 Building & Pest Consultancy. Our inspectors are all professional civil engineers with more than 15 years of success in the industry of building, inspecting and consulting. No real estate transaction is ever too big or small for our team of skilled professionals to complete a comprehensive inspection, compile a reliable report and deliver confidence in your investment.

Problems Building Inspections in the Gold Coast Address

Whether you are investing in your dream home or are gathering the finances to become the owner of a commercial property, you want the confidence that there are no hidden concerns. We believe you want to know before giving your signature and binding yourself to a substantial financial investment.

  • As your trusted building inspectors in the Gold Coast, we examine every structural element from the roofing, exterior to interior. We even inspect the sub-floor of the building and the yard up to 30 metres away. The leading concern which often results in significant expenses at a later stage is structural defects. Fixing these concerns means an additional investment which will be out of your pocket unless you request it before finalising the deal, which is why building reports in the Gold Coast is such a vital element to any kind of real estate transaction.
  • Termites, wood rot and fungal decay of wooden structures can be a reason for great concern. To eliminate any concerns, you can rely on us for trusted house inspections in the Gold Coast. Our knowledge of building construction and our cutting-edge technology help us to find what might be out of sight. Our report will bring these concerns under your attention and highlight those which are a health and safety concern.
  • More possible safety hazards which concern us are those which must be in place in high-risk settings. Any building has numerous potential safety risks which we’ll pinpoint and explain in easily understood terms. Such safety hazards include safety features surrounding windows on second floors to prevent falling accidents and slip prevention on stairs. We also inspect handrail heights on staircases and see whether the installation is according to fall prevention requirements.
Building and Pest Inspection

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Home Inspections in the Gold Coast

Our service is affordable, and we want you to gain the most out of it.

  • We advise that you book a pre-purchase inspection before committing to any financial investment. When you have a clear understanding of the exact state in which the property is, you’ll be able to negotiate the price with more confidence.
  • We offer an onsite tour after our inspection to show you every concern which we highlighted. We strongly urge you to do this tour to inform yourself about the exact condition of the property.
  • When you do decide to continue with your real estate deal but want to address some concerns, we urge you to make use of our follow-up service. It gives us the chance to ensure that work is completed to the expected standard, contributing to your peace of mind.

Fast Facts About A1 Building & Pest Consultancy

We are all civil engineers by trade. All our inspectors are QBCC qualified and have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Besides, we are qualified pest technicians with Queensland Health. Our skills and knowledge deliver affordable confidence and customer satisfaction. Our online booking system makes it easy to find affordable confidence in your future investment.